Thursday, 28 August 2008


Obama just made an incredible speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. I'm glad he chose the experienced Joe Biden as his vice presidential candidate.

More posts soon, I promise. I have been very busy lately.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Pakistan takes a turn -- in the right direction?

A little while ago Pakistani dictator Musharraf was forced to step down. Now the party formerly led by Benazir Bhutto looks set to instal the next leader of the unstable South ASian nation. Remember this is a country with nuclear weapons. Pakistan probably harbos more members of international terroist groups than any other nation, the northern region bordering Afghanistan is the biggest trouble spot. Will Pakistan fall into disarray or will a new democratic government bring peace and stability to this country?

Hey, at least old Hosni is out of the building!

Obama picks biden as VP

Biden was my favorite candidates for the vice presidency, so I am pleased Obama chose him. He posses experience and can court the white working class voting bloc. Sen. Biden has experience, especially in foreign policy matters, and is willing to reach across party lines. It's looking like the Democratic camp has shaped up over the past couple months. However, what worries me is the constant pandering to religious groups who represent their own interests instead of the welfare of the nation. It will be interesting to see how this ticket plays out.

Breaking news from around the world

  • Tensions have intensified between the Western world and Russia and controversy still reigns over the ceasefire signed between Russia and Georgia. Cold War rhetoric has gone through the roof.
  • (Former) President Musharraf of Pakistan is no longer the leader. At last.

    More soon!

  • Monday, 11 August 2008

    Russia trying to topple Georgia's government?

    It's a complicated situation in South Ossetia. Russia's fighting because she thinks some of her people are being oppressed in South Ossetia. Georgia is fighting to attempt to regain control of the region. The tensions are intensified because the two nations have been sabre-rattling for quite some time now. Questionable actions by the Georgian government have not helped. Russia's trying to act as regional police, but it's coming out looking like a regional bully.

    Russia is escalating the conflict in the autonomous region of South Ossetia in Georgia, and moving into other parts of the former Soviet republic as well as the rest of the world's trying to get the two countries to cool things down.

    Moscow said troops had raided the town of Senaki to destroy a military base before leaving again.

    Georgia said Russian troops had also pushed into Georgia from South Ossetia itself, approaching the town of Gori.

    The US president strongly criticised Russia, saying it might be planning to depose the Georgian government.

    Correspondents say it was some of the strongest US language about Russia in years.

    President Bush said he had talked to Russian Prime Minister Putin sometime around the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

    Russia and Georgia have been going at it for years. It's gotten worse as of late. One only hopes a full-scale war can be averted.

    Thursday, 7 August 2008

    Here come the Olympics!

    Featuring China's blatant disregard for the basic rights of man!

    Just one more day until the '08 games begin.