Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Roadblocks to national health

So America can afford to approve many billions of unnecessary spending and discretionary military excess, but when it comes to providing health care reform — namely for those who lack it — the Senate (i.e. millionaire's club) remains a roadblock?

$1 trillion over 10 years, merely a fraction of yearly GDP, will be spent and will save the nation as a whole money on health-care, and hopefully drive down the power insurance companies have in the current system. The key, however, is providing available, affordable health coverage for all. I don't understand how something as essential and urgent as health-care reform can be treated by much of Congress like it's just another box to tick — and they can't even seem to accomplish that! And how do Republican excuses of the need for "conservative" spending stand up in the face of a multi-trillion-dollar, needless war abroad?