Thursday, 27 December 2007

I'm back

My flight was delayed (we ended up waiting four hours for a flight only a bit over four hours) so I got back home at 4:30 AM last night. Needless to say I haven't had a great amount of time for blogging in the past couple days, but I do have some plans for posts in the last few days of this year...

  • Conflict Map (Iraq slightly downgraded; Lebanon political turmoil; Afghanistan steady...)
  • [The ever-popular] 2008 US election poll leaders Pre-primary edition. this will probably be the last post on polls until the January party primaries (the rise of Huckabee the Baptist minister/Arkansas governor/homophobe, weightloss guru, etc. in Iowa, the vulnerability of Dem still-leader Clinton, the hope for Edwards in Iowa, GOP hopeful Thompson doesn't live up to dying hype; Edwards strong against Republicans in Iowa; Romney's religion factor)
  • Pakistan
  • Religion in US politics (Romney and the religion test; past couple decades of religious lobby)
  • 305 men in legal limbo, the fates of whom will be decided by Americas highest court (Gitmo)
  • EU-Africa
  • McCain comeback
  • Ron Paul
  • Putin: Time's Man of the Year
  • My China trip:
    -developing cities
    -civilian population
    -political freedom
    -sites to see/landmarks/touristy stuff
  • More messed up US foreign aid
  • Thailand's return to democracy (?)
  • Kenya and other elections
  • Israel-Palestine

    Hope you all had a merry Christmas — if you celebrated it. I look forward to a new year of blogging.

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