Wednesday, 23 January 2008


An issue I expect to remain in the headlines — and one that is monitored continually — is the possibility of an economic recession in the United States, thus generating shockwaves in the world markets.

Recent dips in stock markets — in the US as well as internationally (will Asia be hit hard?) — have increased fears about the instability of the American markets, thanks, in part, to the subprime loan debacle (which I will blog more on soon).

I am not an expert in economic matters, but I think it is easy even for a layperson to say that the near future is not bright for the US economy and world markets. After years of prosperity, negative economic trends may be among us. As the World Economic Forum is held this week in Davos, Switzerland there is certainly a contrast between last year's hope — especially in regards to the rise of Asia — and this year's fear. The bigwigs in Davos are worried, as are market analysts everywhere from New York to Hong Kong.

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