Sunday, 4 May 2008

McCain: Four more years of Bush?

With the two senators on the Democratic side still duking it out for the presidental nomination, John McCain has been trying to capitalize on the rift within the Democratic party, with his own Republican nomination already secured.

McCain shows no sign of straying from Bush's path on the economy and the Iraq war — two of the biggest issues facing America today. He is sure to continue the current administration's disastrous policies at home and abroad, and has put forth no plan to combat poverty or the health care crisis. Not even counting Iraq (where the US may maintain presence for 100-plus years, according to McCain), his foreign policy plans are delusional. Of course, McCain shows vastly better leadership skills than the current president, and indeed would be better than the status quo, but that's not good enough. In brief, McCain is a panderer; he panders to the extreme right of the United States, an ideological group that has run this country into the ground with its extremist and irrational views.

Whichever Democrat comes up on top — be it Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama — they will most certainly be better for this country than the GOP's nominee.

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Chris Wilcox said...

Duh! LOL, sorry Clearthought. You know I love ya. I just thought we had established this line of thinking quite some time ago. Perhaps more concerning to me than McCain's status quo credentials are his campaign foibles. The man isn't young and is prone to misspeaks of the sort many of many with early onset alzheimer's. The vice presidential candidate on the McCain ticket will be of HUGE importance.