Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Cheney: the outspoken master of myths

After attacking Congress for challenging the White House — again — the US vice president continued, over the weekend, to further his ideological cause: make Iraq the battle against terrorism it isn’t while still holding on to the greatest vice presidential power America has ever seen.
Chicago Tribune:

There are a few “myths’’ about the war against terrorism that Vice President Dick Cheney wants to refute.

“The most common myth is that Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror,’’ Cheney said last night at a dinner in Manalapan, Florida, addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition. “Obviously, the terrorists have no illusion about the importance of the struggle in Iraq… They know it is a central front in that war.''

I must say, Cheney is indeed a myth-master. In trying to dispel myths, he actually spreads them! The only reason Iraq is now so important in the so-called fight is against terrorism is the insurgency provoked within Iraq, and the outrage blossomed from throughout the Middle East and wider Muslim world — which only helps the extremists recruit more and point to the US as the evil occupier.

Cheney was the one, after all, who pushed with his pal Donald Rumsfeld for the Iraq invasion. He was one of the first linking Saddam Hussein's Iraq to al-Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein to nukes, thus connecting a dangerous terrorist organization/ideology to the most destructive weapon known to man. His chief of staff, you may remember, was convicted of perjury when the White House was being investigated following the ousting of a CIA agent's identity; her husband was a war critic who tried to dispell the Saddam Hussein-nuclear weapons material connection.

Cheney never stops speaking his mind, which is, I'll admit, an admirable, if not courageous, quality of someone on Capitol Hill. I also hear he has great marksmanship; amazing that he got the friend that he shot to apologize to him — Cheney, the shooter. Cheney also cannot resist swearing every once in a while. On the Congressional floor, he told the then-ranking member (now chair) of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Patrick Lehey (D-VT), to "fuck yourself". He has also locked horns with world leaders, namely Russia's President Putin.

Cheney thinks he's above everyone. Somebody needs to bring him back down to earth.

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