Sunday, 25 March 2007

John Bolton gets owned

BBC Newsnight's all-mighty Jeremy Paxman interviews neocon former US ambassador to the UN and Bush-buddy John Bolton; and crushes Bolton's false notions about Iraq (watch Bolton turn red).

BBC News, including Newsnight, has been focusing on Iraq this past week ("Iraq Week") four years after the US-led invasion. Bolton led the charge for that invasion.

Bolton is known for his endless anti-UN rhetoric and thinks the US should only act in its exclusive interest. He also criticized any sort of diplomatic deal with North Korea, even though there has been success, and seems to hate any sort of non-militant diplomacy (he does know the US is not the only power in the world, right?).

Bolton's excuse for Iraq failure: blame it on the Iraqis. Paxman doesn't let him slip away with that kind of argument, but in the end Bolton stays firm and looks like an idiot — the idiot, frankly, he is.

Journalists need to break through stonewalling politicians and get the real news, its their job and the BBC seems to do it well. If only American TV news was this good...

Note: I uploaded this video.

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