Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Over a million people were evacuated in Southern California last week, but, as this Economist article wisely says, there are simple, 'low-tech' solutions to this mess. Plus, it's a wonder people act so surprised these fires ever happen, considering they are

an integral part of nature, the mechanism by which much of vegetation regenerates itself.
(Remember 2003?) Even the arsons are exaggerated due to the overabundance of tinder.

How do you think Mexico manages their fires? Prescribed burning to prevent massive wildfires (the other 'fire paradox'), along with some common sense measures. Alas, as the article concludes,
everyone seems more concerned about their roses than their roofs.

Sidenote: the sunny state isn't even on the list of worst forest fire areas.

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Ray said...

I have a friend who works independently negotiating contracts with local councils in rural Western Australia. His job is to travel between Perth and Kalgoorlie (a distance of roughly 600km) and clear dead plant material (and long grasses) from the perimeters of properties and the bases of power poles.

I don't know what measures have been taken by the California government, but surely they would benefit from something like this? Backburning has been used for years in Australia as well.