Thursday, 11 October 2007

Some interesting 'Weekly Review' extracts

One of my favorite news features is Harper's Weekly Review...

In Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson continued to attest to the existence of WMDs in Iraq. ... Thompson ended his speech
by asking for applause.

And this is one of the frontrunners? Number one, nobody knows much about him (which is partially why he is so popular); number two his policies are not only week, but, as even conservative columnist David Brooks admitted, his speeches are really, really boring. I guess the MSM missed the above tidbit (?).

In England, American gray squirrels were bullying diminutive, mild-mannered indigenous red squirrels.

How telling.

American pastors were luring teenage boys to church by installing large-screen game consoles equipped for group sessions of the video game "Halo." Responding to concerns that the explicit and realistic violence in "Halo" is at odds with Christian values, Gregg Barbour, a youth minister in Colorado, stated, "We want to make it hard for teenagers to go to hell."

I don't exactly understand their reasoning, which, I guess, speaks to their level of faith.

The Middlebury Institute, a liberal advocacy group opposing the Iraq War, and the League of the South, which displays a Confederate battle flag on its banner, met in Tennessee to discuss their shared goal of secession from the Union.

Don't you love it when opposite sides come together because of a common cause?

I regret the lack of posts these past couple of days; I blame the fantastic band Radiohead for releasing such an addictive album as In Rainbows (review and musical recap coming soon).

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