Saturday, 7 July 2007

Back home

I will miss the sunsets,

the dunes,

the beach and its wildlife,

and the water,


But it is nice to see mon gatos — that means my cats, for those of you who do not speak hybrid French/Spanish — again. Plus I'm not getting too much post-vacation let-down.

On a totally different note, but one probably not worthy of a post of its own, there's some frenzy about people getting married on 07/07/07 here in America — some stupid belief that the number seven is lucky, or unlucky for that matter. I thought it interesting that in every article I read about it (this phenomena made the front page of a number of newspapers), no mention was made about the fact that today is the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London. Of course the belief in luck is as irrational as it is stupid; and on top of that it's sad people have forgotten an important world event in an article one its anniversary. Stories like the 7/7/07 one belong in the Features section, not on A1. The media might do it's part in mixing in some relevant fact too, like "this day of weddings coincides with the third anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London" instead of saying "this has left people to wonder why 06/06/06 did not get as much nuptial attention". After all, studies have shown that around a third of Americans do not even remember the year of when their "7/7" — but of course more influential and larger in scale of loss and operation — occurred: 11 Sept. 2001. All they remember is 9/11.

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Marty said...

Pretty vacation photos of Northern Mich. They bring back great memories. Nana