Sunday, 1 July 2007

US and UK terror alerts

First of all, happy first of July.
There has been a string of suspected terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, the first of which was allegedly stopped before it occured in London (police found explosives, etc., in two cars). Just a bit after the London discovery a Jeep full of gas cylenders rammed into the terminal of an airport in Glasgow, Scotland. Inital reports of the Glasgow car ramming made it sound like the car was already on fire before it hit the airport. Now that appears not to be true. It is unknown whether these events are related or whether they are part of a wider network of attempted and planned terror attacks by an al-Qaeda cell or sub-group. There are possible additional plots too:
Glasgow - Burning car driven into doors of Glasgow Airport on Saturday. Two people arrested at scene
London - Two car bombs that failed to detonate found in central London on Friday
Paisley - Controlled explosion carried out on car at Royal Alexandra Hospital
Cheshire - Man and woman arrested overnight on M6, then taken to London for questioning
Liverpool - Man arrested. Police searching two addresses
Houston - Police searching houses in village near Glasgow
Newcastle-under-Lyme - Police searching house in Staffordshire
See here for the alert as it pertains to US national security. Remember, however, though these plots seem serious, and they are, no doubt politicians will try to get the best of us at times when we are most suceptable to the fear and terror these attacks are supposed to create. The UK is at the highest level of its terror alert.  Brace yourselves.
I'l still on vacation of course, but had a bit of downtime and felt the urge to hop on the net since I can (darn you wireless internet access!). I couldn't resist blogging at least a bit. Anyway, more soon.

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