Friday, 27 July 2007

Drunk flying

Wow, this cannot be good for a national space organization already tarnished by scandals, lack of public interest, decrease in funding, increase in political rhetoric, and who knows what else...

BBC News:

US astronauts were allowed to fly while drunk at least twice, a review panel set up by space agency Nasa has found.

Any good news for America's space agency? Nope.
Earlier, Nasa confirmed that a contractor had sabotaged a computer in an unrelated incident.

What ever happened to Bush's far-fetched attempt to court at least some of the scientific community by proposing a mission to Mars? Between the administration's contempt of biological research like stem cell technology (the stem cell vetoes speak for themselves) and its opposition to taking action or truly acknowledging climate change, and its embrace of creationism, not to mention funding cuts and a belief that religion trumps science, the scientist demographic is not one the White House scores well with. Realizing that, the president probably decided to drop his Mars fantasy for the most part.

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Red Hog Diary said...

Surely this could not be another example of a Federal Agency being overseen by an appointee who was chosen based on loyalty considerations over qualifications? I think the Post Office is the sole remaining institution to avoid scandal, mismanagement or malfeasance.