Monday, 6 August 2007

Back home

No longer will I take a constant, easily-accessible high speed internet connection for granted (I thought I'd already learned that lesson!). It has too many secure wi-fi networks... but nonetheless Southern California is very nice. The three-hour time difference can be a drag, especially on the return. Just as I get back from (my final) summer vacation, it seems everyone has left for late July and August: governments, ordinary people, etc. At least on the political front it's some time to spend jotting down smear ideas against your opponents while enjoying the beach.

If you think Europe's heat wave and Britain's flooding have been bad, take a look at perhaps one of the more underreported stories of late: torrential rains and flooding in South Asia. This year's monsoon season has been disastrous. In the recent wave, hundreds have been killed and millions possibly affected by flooding.

Also take a look at what else to expect in the news this week.


cwilcox said...

there's no place like home. Thanks for keeping us reading while you were away!

clearthought said...

Indeed; it is nice to be home. Thanks for the comment, Chris/Red Hog.

It is disheartening, however, that Congress approved Bush's NSA wiretapping program — and handed it to him on a silver platter! (Post on that coming up soon.)