Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Bad Russia!

Russia has been vying for world news headlines. First it tries to steal the North Pole away from Santa (or so George W. Bush's thought process goes). Now Moscow has apparantly fired a missile at neighbor Georgia. Georgia, a former Soviet state in Central Asia, does not have the best of ties with Russia, with recent allegations ranging from energy bullying to spying to all-out imperialism echoing from Tbilisi.

Russia denies, well, everything bad it's been accused of: bullying states like Georgia and Estonia, making aggressive land grabs in the Arctic, cooperating with Iran (etc.), being close to genocidal in its own Chechnya, messing with Ukraine, covering up or even committing the murder of dissident Alexander Litvinenko and being uncivil with Britain about it, and killing and intimidating dissidents, including journalists, and much, much more.

Putin's Russia seems to be executing its authority on many fronts — domestic and foreign. And the outcome has largely been negative.

Update: Due to recent misconceptions about the message I hoped to convey with the title of this post, I would like to clarify what I meant by "Bad Russia!". As I said in a comment below... 'The "Bad Russia!" statement is the kind of attitude the West is holding towards Russia: treating it, in a way, like an insubordinate child.' In addition, Russia is acting out, perhaps rebelling on purpose, in its attempts to prove itself as a world power to be reckoned with [see this post].


Anonymous said...

it's not russia that stinks, its the corprorate media which calls itself "free" - free to brainwash shmucks like you...

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering, why are you writing about Russia, why not Pakistan (where Al-Qaeda apparently is) or Estonia (which hosts ex-nazi soldiers parades)? Why not Uruguay? Is that because all you know about it comes from TV news (who have no time for other countries)?

clearthought said...

The "Bad Russia!" statement is the kind of attitude the West is holding towards Russia: treating it, in a way, like an insubordinate child. If you actually read my blog, you'd find I DO write about a variety of topics and focus on many nations, but Russia has been one of the major actors in world news and the international community in general lately.

What does TV news have to do with this? I check all sorts of (credible) news sources. I chose this story because it interests me and it ties to other topics I have blogged about recently, not because I pick favorites among nations!

Nor am I 'brainwashed' by the 'evil' corporate media which is obviously out to get me... ooh I'm so scared. (That is, once again, sarcasm.)

danyela said...

you dont have to watch the news to know about Russia if any of you actually read anything on Russia you would be amazed by the propaganda in that country is very real.
from the bombing of a building full of innocent to catch terrorist,from poisoinning journalist.

by any chance any of you know what,
Putin did before he was president? he was the ex kgb director?
And of course if ok to h elp Iran build nuclear plant for enrich uranium when they already sign the proliferation treaty?
Yes let talk about pakistan they are the ones who we should be concern about.
get your information right before talking like a numbnut.

clearthought said...


I already mentioned the suppression of dissidents, among other things Russia is accused of and actually did. And of course I know about Putin's past!

How am I falling prey to Russian propaganda if I, like you, am accusing it of those sorts of things?

Pakistan is of course also a problem, to an extent, in that extremism is flourishing there. If you did a search for "Pakistan" on this blog you would find that some of my views indeed to line up with yours, albeit they're more logically explained and less extreme.

Before you go around insulting people's intelligence and knowledge, how about you cite some sources yourself?

danyela said...

actually wasn't mean for you that comment.

clearthought said...

Oh, my mistake danyela. When there are so many anonymous comments it does get confusing.

danyela said...

but thanks for telling me about your blogs i will certainly checked them out.

danyela said...
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