Sunday, 16 September 2007

Big business wants regulation; my light bulb agenda

Wow, things sure have changed. American industries now actually want government regulation! Of course, it's not to protect the consumer or increase fair competition — they want Washington to shield them from outside competition, as many markets grow more global.

See this chart by the NYT (click it):

I would like to note that one of those sought-after regulatory policies — the banning of wasteful incandescent light bulbs — I heavily support. Look for CFLs, the compact, often swirly florescent (don't worry, they come in all brightness levels and colors and don't make the horrible noise many florescent lights do) at your local store. Not only do they last longer than regular bulbs, but they use less energy, saving you money and causing less harm to the environment. In addition, they do not put out the massive amount of heat regular bulbs release, another helper to Mother Nature. Learn more here, here, and here.


cwilcox said...

I'm with ya Clearthought. I quit buying incandecents late last year...except for my outdoor uses. Not sure if they have overcome the problem yet but flouresent used to not like cold temperatures and Iowa does get cold in winter! Do you know anything about flouresent performance in sub freezing temperatures?

clearthought said...

Thanks for the comment. Performance in cold weather is one thing the florescent bulb makers haven't yet perfected. They are improving compatibility with dimmers though.

Another issue is the mercury in florescent bulbs — although the amount is negligible, it's still not something you want entering the atmosphere or sinking into the earth. I know there are some special disposal procedures.