Wednesday, 19 September 2007

An update on the tasing incident

The Andrew Meyer tasing controversy continues. Around 200 people protested today against what they saw as police brutality in the treatment of the University of Florida student.

The Lede:

“I am not mad at you guys,” the police report [pdf] quoted him as saying in the ride to jail. “You didn’t do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job.”
one of the officers said that “his demeanor completely changed once the cameras were not in sight,” shifting in a matter of minutes from the kicking-and-screaming coiner of the new catchphrase “Don’t Tase me, bro” to “laughing and being lighthearted.” Then, they say, he asked them whether the news media would be on hand when he arrived at the police station.

Moreover, one of the widely circulated videos of the incident was filmed with his own camera.
Mr. Meyer has been released from police custody and has yet to be formally charged with either resisting arrest or disturbing the peace. Two officers involved in the incident have been placed on leave pending an investigation of their conduct in the incident.

State officials are still sorting out the incident to see if there was any wrongdoing by the campus police, who shocked Meyer with a stun gun after he grew rowdy and refused to leave a Q&A session with former presidential candidate John Kerry. This is an interesting incident of alleged police brutality, especially since some use the fact that it happened at a political event to enhance their claims.

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