Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Global opinion on global warming

A BBC World Service poll about the attitudes of the world's people on global warming was released recently. The poll gives some interesting — and surprising — insight on public opinion of such a politicized and scientific issue. India has the most doubt about the effects and apathy on action when it comes to climate change. The Chinese surprise me with their lack of doubt and willingness to take action, as do the Americans, to a lesser extent. The French view the issue as most urgent and the Russians are almost as bad as the Indians.

Here's a graph of the results:

The overall results are:

Major action needed: 65%
Modest action later: 25%
No action needed: 6%

In addition, 79% of the 22,000-some survey participants believe that "human activity, including industry and transportation, is a significant cause of climate change". This is a good sign; if only their governments took more initiative — especially the Bush administration in the US.

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