Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Blair told to leave (again); Sarkozy in hot water (again)

Opposition leader David Cameron has told British Prime Minister Tony Blair it is really time for him to step down; I don't disagree.

David Cameron has told Tony Blair that it is in the "national interest" for him to quit now as prime minister.
Blair is expected so step down later this year.

French residential hopeful and Interior Secretary Nicolas Sarkozy has been attacked for going out of his way, to extraordinary lengths in fact, to recover an item of his son's: a scooter. Amazing.
France's Interior Minister and presidential contender Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of abusing police powers to recover his son's scooter.
A scooter? All for a scooter Sarkozy has once again damaged his political credit. He used three DNA tests in his attempts to get the toy.

Just recently Sarkozy was accused of using the secret police to spy on his political rival's adviser. As readers already know, I dislike Sarkozy and dismiss him as a xenophobe at a time when that is something neither Europe nor North America needs. Xenophobia in a place with so much emigration can mean racism, often turning into hate and strife already seen in France a couple summers ago with minority rioting.

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