Sunday, 21 January 2007

In the news: from China to Hillary

China launches satellite missile (Time, CFR, The Times)
Just remember the space defense program President Bush put into effect (BBC News) last year, the controversial reincarnation of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative 'Star Wars' (BBC News) space weapons program. Who knows where this is going to lead; Iran still has the international security's attention (security wise), but will China steal the limelight? Iran's president is not doing so hot politically, FYI. On the China issue, I have a feeling an interesting yet short-lived international relations battle will ensue but nothing too serious.
US attorney general defies (Think Progress) existing laws and constitutional precedent. Alberto Gonzales: "There is no express grant of habeas in the Constitution." More analysis at Balkinization. See even more relating to the AG in this Slate article on this issue.
Democratic senator from New York announces her run for the US presidential elections in 2008. Hillary Clinton is so far ahead in polls for Democratic presidential candidates, but that is no guarantee (NYT) she will win.
Now that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has gotten back $100 million of his country's tax dollars from Israel, more peace talks (BBC News) are under way between Syria, Israel, and Palestine — including between Hamas and Fatah, two leading Palestinian political groups (different talks, obviously). But don't get your hopes up, remember a while back? However, this is an interesting Haaretz story on Israel-Syria peace talks; will Syria get their Golan Heights land back? Let's hope.

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Wil Robinson said...

I caught that bit about the Syria-Israel peace talks re: Golan Heights.

I thought it was an great way to begin the peace process...sort of out of the box thinking.

More like moving towards peace before signing the actual deal - give people a reason to trust first.

clearthought said...

Yes, trust is a historical issue, especially on such a hot topic between such conflicting parties. If the US opens up to Syria and Israel forges a mutual-help relationship with it, I am optimistic Syria's leader, Bashir al-Assad I believe, will not tag along with Iran any more — at least not in a way that threatens Israel and the United States.

Peace is one thing the Middle East really needs right now, more than war or nukes... or even democracy!

I posted the above comment to your blog too. I'll add you to my blogroll once I get it working again.