Monday, 22 January 2007

More dead, more wounded in Iraq... and I'm sick

I am not feeling well at all; I may be ill with the common cold. Posting may be lacking this week, but a little news tidbit is that over 130 Iraqis died from various insurgent attacks today — making today the deadliest day in Iraq so far in 2007. Sorry I couldn't have better news. ;)

BBC News:

More than 130 people were killed in and around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on the country's bloodiest day this year.

Eighty-eight people died and 160 were injured in a double car bombing at a second-hand clothes market in Baghdad.

A further 12 died in a bomb and mortar attack in the nearby city of Baquba, while Iraqi police found 29 bodies in and around the capital.

The attacks came as the first of over 21,000 extra US troops arrived in Baghdad on a mission to boost security.

The 3,200 troops are the advance guard of an increase ordered by President George W Bush earlier this month.

Another important story, also from the BBC, is on America's role in the world and what people think of it, including statistics on various issues, etc. It's yet another damning report for the Bush administration, especially in relation to Middle East foreign policy. Then again, Bush has said he does not really pay attention to the public opinion (i.e. polls), even recently with his numbers so low. See the full BBC poll/survey report in PDF form.

Just a reminder: Bush's State of the Union Address 2007 (Wikipedia (again); news search) is tomorrow. It is funny how something so relatively unimportant receives so much news coverage and punditry. Last year's address seemed to be a bigger deal for some reason.

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