Thursday, 18 January 2007

Three poems: "Materialism", "America, My America?", and "Ethics Versus Profit"

Here are three poems that I have written:

For me, the clothes do not make the man or woman.
Sure, the man or woman makes the clothes,
But it is the mindset of the earthly objects we have that really matters
And how we treat more important things in relation to mere indulgences — and even selfishness

I do not like materialism
But I do like the materials.
Not that I am a materialist,
And I hope I am not too much of a hypocrite on the topic,
I treasure things I cannot touch or hold
More than I like the goods that so many nowadays think are essential
The game station, the car, the faded ripped jeans that cost a fifty times more than what they’re worth
Even when they are, in reality, not bare necessities.
For me it’s the
Expression of ideas, the learning, the feelings and senses,
Even the song constantly ringing throughout my head.

So many imaginations and minds have been corrupted
With the poison of being one of many,
Instead of being one of one
Being original, not having to fit in or feel the need to fit in.

I encounter materialism every day,
I am saturated in its greed
But also its usefulness and convenience.

America, My America?
I live in America
But does that make me an American?
Is being an American a choice,
Or is it the gift or curse I was born with?
I really don't believe in fate.
Or am I American because I live in the United States of America?
Is that my choice either?

Others consider me an American
Because where I live (the United States)
But do I fit the stereotype America has set for itself,
And that its residents have set for themselves?
I believe in human rights, international law, and civic duty,
All of which are human societal creations.

I don't approve of torture,
Or fear mongering,
Or thinking that you are either with or against me,
All of which are common American traits and generalizations.
Maybe I am not an American;
I do know that I am human,
And part of the Earthly human race.
Until, if ever,
I sort out what being an American means,
I still have that identity.
I am human.

The American Dream is a lie,
It is not a reality
Nor is it a certain thing: it is how people make it out to be.
That’s why it’s called a dream.
I do not want to live the American Dream though
I want to live my own dream of success.

Ethics Versus Profit
In our society, materials seem to make the man — or woman,
That’s not how it should be.
On one hand, everyone must earn a living
Even if their job distills values from people or exploits our planet
On the other hand, how could they make a living if there are no people and no Earth?
What if their success resulted in the destroying of people and planet?
Ethics versus profit. Has society run amok?

We need to find a balance, that is how nature works
That is how the human race has gotten this far
Moderation, yin and yang
A balance between good and evil, even if evil means success.
Even if evil is good to some, it is not good for all or most.
Even if good is evil to some, it is not evil for all or most.

I look forward to posting more often than I have been the past couple months.


Aaron said...

These are very good. If you don't mind, I'm quoting the first one. Christmas time has me looking up some poems against materialism.

Anonymous said...

I really love your poems, the second one is my favorite....I'm going to take it to school because we have to bring in a poem/song about American identity and this is perfect.