Thursday, 19 April 2007

Finding, and missing, political targets

The religious right demographic will, as usual, play a large role in this election; the GOP is scrambling to find a good, staunchly socially-conservative god-faring candidate. Right now, the leading Republican candidate is Rudy Giuliani, a perfect example of an enemy of the religious right: not very religious, not very socially conservative, etc. John McCain has been making amends with the religious right; for example, kissing up to extremists like Jerry Falwell.

McCain is still far behind his competitors, but what matters is who gets more votes during the election, not a year and a half before. Nevertheless, polls are good indicators, and McCain needs help if he wants to even have a good chance at the vice-presidency. We have been hearing less and less about him too.

In addition, the Democratic party has fissures of its own with, like the Republicans, the Iraq war dividing members and candidates. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are rivals in both poll numbers and fundraising amounts.

There are also plenty of largely unknown candidates from both sides.

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gary said...

That seems like a fair analysis. I have a website which attempts to organize the candidate YouTube videos by issue...

Thought you might find it of interest...


clearthought said...

Thanks, gary.

Nice site; it seems the Web is playing more and more of a role. I just surfed the internet this past election... not even considering turning on the television.

Anyway I like the concept of your website.

gary said...

Thanks! As more people utilize the internet for their information, my optimism increases.