Sunday, 15 April 2007

Rhetorical questions from recent news

  • Supermassive (legal) black hole
    Amnesty International says new conditions in Guantanamo are even worse.
    Could it be any worse?

  • It’s getting hotter in here
    Climate change striking sooner than expected, says the new UN IPCC report — which is not good news. The impact is vast too.
    Can you feel it now?

  • Bush asks Congress to allow more eavesdropping
    Reuters: "The Bush administration asked Congress on Friday to expand the number of people it can subject to electronic surveillance...also protects companies that cooperate with spy operations." Such a change would modify the existing 1978 law.
    Isn't there enough already?

  • Deal or no deal on nukes
    North Korea's got the money it wanted from a frozen bank account, and everything about the oft-rogue state's deal with the international community to close down some of its nuclear facilities seems to be going alright, except the whole closing down the facilities part.
    DPRK: Compliant or defiant?

  • And an irreverently irrelevant question:
    What if Bush was a Democrat?

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