Monday, 25 June 2007

Blog notes

  • I have re-enabled comments for this blog. Your thoughts or suggestions are always welcome!

  • You can vote in an unofficial 2008 American election straw-poll set up by Pajamas Media at In Perspective's "precinct". If you have a favorite Republican and/or Democrat for the '08 presidential election, this is a great way to see how they're doing with the blog-reading demographic.

  • I'll be continuing my series of summer vacations with a trip lasting from this Saturday the 30th (last day of June!) to the 7th or 8th of July. I do not know if I will have internet access where I'm going and I hope to relax regardless — hence this will be my relaxation trip. I will continue on blog post series Ideas about Democracy (see here) and intend to pick up on How to Talk to a Closed-Minded Person (see here) after my vacation.

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    jude cowell said...


    Just found your great blog bwo Technorati. Hope you don't mind a link to one of mine, Stars Over Washington. If so, let me know--no harm done.

    Excellent writing!