Monday, 18 June 2007

Why does Gaza matter?

For once in recent times an American publication has an important cover story. Newsweek's this week is on why Gaza affects America, and the world. In short the turbulence there may not only spread across Palestine, increasing attacks on Israel, but send waves of extremism and terror movements abroad — into, say, Iraq. (There's already enough blowback in Iraq.) In addition, the politics of the wider Middle East and the Arab states there is at hand.

No doubt there are various cells of international terror movements itching for more membership and support in the turbulent and ravaged Gaza. People feel helpless and angered. It's amazing what kinds of things people will support or do when they feel intense fear, hopelessness, and anger...

Gaza also matters to the Israeli lobby in the US that doesn't want its homeland shaken by explosions and neighboring disaster. However Israel is a green zone to Palestine's red.

There hasn't been much news on the disaster in Palestine since Abbas formed his new government. Israel has followed America in backing this Hamas-free emergency government. The EU has also allowed aid to resume after it was halted when Hamas was in power.

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