Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Conflict Meter, map edition plus

My Conflict Meter, charting the ebbs and flows of major conflicts throughout the world, has been on hiatus for a little while now, but I think it's time to bring it back. Instead of the usual "Up" and "Down" lists, here is the Conflict Meter in map form with a few non-violent but politically serious nonetheless conflicts thrown in.

Red: major current violent conflict
Yellow: less serious, continuing, dormant, or recent, conflict
Blue: previous violence or political conflict
Green: political conflict, usually nonviolent, sometimes crippling to state
Black: conflict with other nations in foreign relations
Note: the larger in number or darker in color the dots, the more severe the conflict

World Conflict Meter map

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  • Countries with the most current violence (red):

  • Countries with the most conflict or controversy in international diplomacy (black):
    United States (w/ almost everyone)
    Russia (w/ West over missiles, democracy, etc.)
    Iran (w/ international community over nukes; w/ US over Iraq)

  • Other countries with conflict in diplomacy, i.e. sanctions, scorn, etc., or regional relations (black):
    Israel (w/ Arab neighbors over clashes)
    North Korea (w/ international community over nuclear program)
    Sudan (in re to Darfur genocide)

  • Countries with the most civil or political disruption (green plus red/yellow):
    Sri Lanka

  • Countries with the most low-grade violence (yellow) or nonviolent political conflict (green):
    United States

  • Most violent region:
    Middle East

  • Country with most undemocratic initiatives in recent times, edging towards international isolation:
    Venezuela (e.g. closing down opposition TV station)

  • Countries with civil wars:
    Sri Lanka

  • Countries not listed above with major recent internal political troubles:
    Turkey (presidential election)
    Ukraine (intergovernmental conflict)

  • Occupied countries with high rate of violence:
    Iraq (by US and others)
    Afghanistan (by NATO)
    Somalia (by Ethiopia)
    Palestine* (by Israel)

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