Tuesday, 26 June 2007

'Family jewels' on public display

Today the CIA released of its files on some of the more, to use Gen Hayden's phrase, the current CIA director who announced the release of the documents last week (see post for background) — although their declassification has been promised for quite some time now — "unflattering" Cold War operation. In 1973 then-CIA director Schlesinger asked for a complete report on some of the more questionable actions of the Central Intelligence Agency. The report, at nearly 700 pages, has now been declassified for public eyes along with more Cold War-era documents: 11,000 pages — over a span of 20 years (1953-1973) on Soviet and Chinese politics and the relations between the two communist superpowers. The analysis might have been used to aid American plots for internally collapsing the two governments.


  • CIA's FOIA Electronic Reading Room
  • The "family jewels"/"skeletons" collection
  • CAESAR, POLO, and ESAU page
  • Updated National Security Archive report on "family jewels"

    See also 27 June Washington Post article.

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