Tuesday, 29 May 2007

He's tough on genocide, in theory

Bush has imposed more sanctions on Sudan. They probably won't help seeing as China is the only one — (a): China gets a lot of oil from Sudan, and (b): because of that it finances some business initiatives there, like it does with other African countries — who can really use economic leverage to steer the Sudanese government in the right direction, and refuses to do so mostly because of the economic repercussions. At least the US government is taking notice of the genocide.

Who knows if the sanctions are going to really accomplish their goals of pressuring Sudan's government, but at least someone of influence is caring about the genocide in Darfur. Who would've thought it would be the same guy who doesn't seem to care about innocent Iraqi civilians dying. Too bad also that America has used up so much of its diplomatic power — and tarnished the global perception of its policies — on pointless and unpopular excursions to the point where its influence on Khartoum and Beijing is diluted, that and George Bush is always less action, more rhetoric.

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