Thursday, 3 May 2007

Presidential candidates debate

  • Interesting debate between Democratic candidates for the 2008 election in South Carolina a few days ago. No clear winner, but the consensus is that Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton did well. Near-unknown Gravel and a-bit-more-known Kucinich both represented a more left-wing viewpoint, but less popular, fringe of the party. There was ample Bush bashing and an array of Iraq war criticism.

  • France’s Royal and Sarkozy (see Sarkozy v. Royal) also dished out fighting words in their presidential debate. This Sunday, the second and final round of the election will take place, and France will choose either Sarkozy or Royal as president. Far-right Le Pen, who was defeated in the first round, urged his voters to abstain from voting in the upcoming polls, which will help the Royal team and hurt center-right Sarkozy.

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    Ron West said...

    Don't forget, the reeps have a debate in LA tonight.

    clearthought said...

    Thanks for the reminder. There are so many things going on!

    I believe possible up-and-coming Fred Thompson will not be at the debate, or was not invited because he has not declared his intention of running.

    There are far more (serious) GOP contenders than Democratic ones in this election, it seems.