Sunday, 6 May 2007

What next for Sarkozy?

Change and reform are arguably the underlying topics of this election, encapsulating everything from governmental reform to economic liberalization to law and order and immigration.

Now that he has seemingly won the election, one must hope Sarkozy does not continue to court the far-right. He must actually reform and drop a fair bit of xenophobia, as well as convince France that the EU is not a political demon. He must tackle crime and poverty at home, and the many troubles — such as those in the Middle East — abroad. He must follow through with his promises of liberalizing the economy and opening up the markets; allowing a private sector to flourish while embracing the global economic phenomenon that many other developed countries have used to much success. He must bring France to the forefront of world powers, allowing his nation its rightful place high on the international stage. He must work with the United Nations. Sarkozy must not become too close to the United States for his political sake, but he must also cut through the anti-American mould so attributed to his country. He must open up the bureaucracy, the economic regulations, and the minds of France to a liberalized, multi-cultural, global nation — a member of the UN Security Council, founding member of the European Union, and one of the G8 nations. At the same time he must keep his political capital in check and act appropriately and ethically, unlike some of his predecessors.

Assuming he has indeed won the election, Sarkozy will enter office when Chirac's term expires on 16 May.

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