Saturday, 12 May 2007

More spending vetoes in the works?

White House: more spending on education and health care is bad — bad enough to warrant a rarely-used veto. Another great move by the Bush administration... The Democrats in Congress want to increase the federal budget by about $20 billion. Not it's the increase that's good — because it isn't — but what they hope to increase are the same programs the White House wished to decrease in the last budget it proposed: domestic programs like education and healthcare. Neither branch's version of the fiscal year 2008 budget is perfect, and both have their strengths.

The new Iraq war funding compromise bill may also be vetoed by the president. This bill is a revised vision of the funding bill proposed by Congress, and vetoed by the president (in what was only his second veto ever), earlier this month. Both have been locking horns more than ever ever since.

On a related note, largely due to the wrangling over the mess that is Iraq, Congress and the White House both have about the same (low) approval rating by the American public — in the 30%s.

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