Monday, 7 May 2007

More Sudanese deception

There is yet more blood on the hands of the Sudanese government and its backers as an Amnesty International report reveals.

Amnesty International has accused Sudan of violating a UN arms embargo on Darfur and is "dismayed" at Russian and Chinese arms supplies to Khartoum.
Amnesty says Sudan is "continuing to divert and deploy imported attack and other military aircraft... as well as firearms and ammunition... to target civilians directly".
"The use of all-white aircraft and helicopters... in Darfur is in violation of applicable norms of international humanitarian law."
The UN report, a leaked copy of which reached the New York Times this month, said Sudan was painting aircraft white to make them look like UN planes.

It had pressured the government into seemingly caving in and allowing UN peacekeepers in, but the promise seems moot. The level on which Sudan's government has hurt its own people is almost immeasurable.

Khartoum is not the only government to blame, as Russia and China both make matters worse. China has close ties to Sudan, mainly because of oil. I don't know Russia's excuse.

If the US had not deteriorated its international standing by poor diplomatic moves in the 'war on terror' — which spawned the war in Iraq — more might be done to help the people of Darfur. Of course America has also helped another state get around international legal conditions: North Korea and its sanctions-violating weapons sales to Ethiopia, which is apparently helping fight 'terrorism' in Somalia — by making it worse.

In a very (not) surprising move, China and Russia both denied supplying Sudan with weapons.

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