Thursday, 9 November 2006

Afternoon politics: Allen to concede, Bush to change?

The Democrats are about to win the Senate, if they haven't already (depends who you ask):

Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) will concede that he has lost the election to Democrat James Webb at a 3 p.m. news conference in Alexandria, according to a source close to the campaign with direct knowledge of the senator's intentions.

As of this morning, Allen trails Webb by 7,484 votes after a bruising reelection campaign. Republican sources said Allen had concluded that no amount of recounting would change the outcome, but members of the senator's campaign staff would not publicly confirm his intentions.

So far, canvassing, as Virginia law calls for when an election is as close as Allen v. Webb is, has not shown any different results than the small lead Webb has. (See previous posts on the Allen and Webb race for more.) This aftermath of the 2006 midterm election will be over soon...

Speaking of changes in the political winds, President Bush seems to want to be everyone's friend again; a "united, not a divider", I doubt it. Much of the White House's political stratigy depends on polarizing and dividing a nation, which is easy to do with (1) lack of government transparancy and accountability more than ever (2) fear mongering in the "war on terrorism" (3) splitting a two-party nation so most vote for the GOP, using (1) and (2) as vote-gainers. This is all along with ideological and economic class partitioning, e.g. evangelicals/religious right, Neocons, 'safety moms', 'Wall Street types'.

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