Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Democratic sweep? (update 1)

The Democrats have taken six governorships, around approx. 30 House of Representatives seats, and four Senate seats — meaning they have the most governors and the majority in the house, but the Senate is still hinging on two races. Now, the DSCC has released a celebratory message of Congressional triumph: the Democrats have won those two very close races, thus the Dems have swept Congress. They don't want an erronious and premature celebration like in the past.

DSCC statement:

Both Jon Tester and Jim Webb have won their races in Montana and Virginia but want to make sure that every vote is counted. We expect to have official results soon but can happily declare today that Democrats have taken the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Montana Vote Situation: Jon Tester leads Conrad Burns by approximately 1,700 votes (as of 11am EDT) and counting....


Virginia Vote Situation: Jim Webb is up by approximately 8,000 votes and once the provisional ballots are counted, we expect Webb's margin to increase....

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