Saturday, 11 November 2006

Israel's disproportionality, defenders and friends

An explosion in Gaza, an Israeli-controlled part of the Palestinian Authority(Left) An explosion in Gaza, an Israeli-controlled part of the Palestinian Authority. The West Bank is Israeli-controlled and occupied by Israel, against agreements with their neighbours and the international community (e.g. the United Nations).

I believe in Israel's right to 'defend itself', but much of what it has been doing since its inception — by Zionist terrorists mind you (even the UN labels the early Zionists and some today as such) — are disproportional responses resulting in more breed terrorists (I am working on a post comparing Israeli offenses to the attempts to put out wildfires, which often result in more. It is called the Fire Paradox.). All this along with a domestic apartheid-like system with, in comparison to South Africa, Jews as whites and Arabs as blacks. Also the Western world wanted a democratically-elected government in Palestine... and they got one Hamas. You can't cherry pick everything!

Another thing is that the US press has been too friendly to Israel; almost always on the side of Israel and afraid to often make even fair criticisms (see below).
And people should not be called anti-Semitic, as I have been called, for being against much of what Israel does. Even if someone is totally against Israel (which I am not) that does not make them anti-Semitic. (I have plenty of Jewish friends, so don't attack me for being 'hypocritical' or 'anti-Semitic' for that either.) It is the same logic that Carl Rove helped use against those against the United States' hegemonic wars: you are with us or you are with the terrorists that attacked us.
On The Media transcript on how the US news media covers Israel's conflicts;
J.J. Goldberg (editor of The Forward, a liberal Jewish newspaper in New York City):

I think at the moment, the American press is attempting to be scrupulously balanced. X number of bombs here, X number of rockets there, a story about a family that suffered losses in Lebanon, a story about a family that suffered losses in Israel. But when you look at the death tolls, you have to ask why is the balance so scrupulous?

I, myself, am not totally anti-Israel; I am not totally pro-Israel either. I see many forms of [extreme] Zionism as racism... just because I am not Jewish does not mean I should be treated differently, nor should I get special treatment and nor should people of the Jewish faith.

The State of Israel is certainly not a democracy or fair government, and should not be seen as one, as long as they continue this elitist Jewish stance — treating others as second-class citizens. It does not matter what they were founded upon (Zionism of the Jewish faith), early colonial America was founded upon Puritan Christianity, but the US is not a Puritan state!

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