Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Kerry's comments should not make the top of the front page...

Stop the presses!!! There are more important things happening in the US than a certain senator's dumb but taken-out-of-context comments!

Why is it when Sen. Kerry, a Democrat, makes a stupid comment it makes the front page (for more than one day — ?). Even though he is not running in an election race this year, nor has he been too high profile since his bid in the 2004 presidential elections, Kerry is getting a momentous amount of attention and headlines. Obviously, Kerry has had a horrible follow-up plan to his comments and needs to rethink making improvised comments. It reminds me of, in the West Wing television show, President Bartlett (played by Martin Sheen) sometimes made slightly offensive jokes about golfers, etc. At least his follow-up plan was not too bad, compared to Kerry's mumblings and various statements. Back to the matter of column inches for this whole situation; President Bush, on the other hand (of Kerry), says stupid comments all the time — rarely, if ever, have those comments ever made A1! But they do fill books and political satire (as well as general humor) websites.

Keith Olbermann thinks Bush should apologize to the troops instead of Kerry. I, honestly, am sick of all this stuff. Let's get back to the real news tomorrow, shall we? There is enough usual partisan mudslinging in elections, this is making US politics look more like — to continue the metaphor — a big, dirty pigpen more than ever.

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