Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Greetings! Some news selections...

I dunno, I just got some random idea of matching various topics in the news with greetings and exclamations. Don't ask why (it started with the first topic).

Say hello to more propaganda from the US government, and say a last goodbye to civility as you meet more dirty election smears (literally). Also, Sen. John Kery and the Democratic base split again. The Democrats really 'cut and run' from the side of one of their major members. Not that I think Kerry's comments on doing well in college or else having to be in the military are right, the amount of coverage they have gotten surely shows, yet again, that there is no liberal media bias. Although he finally apologized for his comments, the whole political juiciness that has now developed around his comments is still at the top of the headlines on Iraq. Two-party rule in America is really starting to get annoying, as are the baseless attacks.

Whilst on the topic of politics, I must say that along with these sites, the BBC has made a very exceptional in-depth report on the 2006 US elections (albeit almost at the last moment for some of their best contend in the report).

Aah! & Oh my!
Check out the latest global warming report commissioned by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, the Stern Review. It shows that climate change could easily and greatly devistate the economies of the world very fast. The more we wait, the higher the economic, humanitarian, and environmental toll will be.

I'm totally against censorship but, a message to the News Sniffer's "Watch Your Mouth" team, the BBC already says that their Have Your Say sections are sometimes monitored and posts sometimes removed, or "censored" as you all put it.

Oh. Okay.
See the BBC international press roundup on the recent raid by the Pakistani government. See also this interesting, though week-old, Economist article on the North Korean situation.

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Camila said...

I have to wonder if our news media has lost the meaning between news and gossip? I really don't care about Britney or the usa queen but you insist on spending days on that crap when I am sure there is actual news out there of real importance. I think you may have to give yourself another name with gossip and trivia included in it. Please try to get back to you basics of things that are happening in the world and I don't mean hollywood.

clearthought said...

Camila, I totally agree with you on how the US news media is becoming too much into hype, entertainment, and pop culture. However, how do I contribute to or glorify that sphere of unimportant news? On the contrary, in several posts on the media I put forth similar criticisms as you.