Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Article picks and comment burnout

Following up on my global warming-related blog post yesterday is a NYT story on the Bush administration, the justice system, and global warming: "Global warming goes to court".

Here is an interesting Sam Harris-David Prager religion debate on Richard Dawkins' website.

Here is Harper's informative and often entertaining Weekly Review.

See more picks from my starred items.

Whew! I just spent a lot of time, energy, and writing via comments on a Daily Kos diary I posted, which is a revision an In Perspective post. I am the kind of person who likes to debate and write, but maybe I should stick to mostly writing my views on the blog and not a plethora of comments. I'm just not the type who can comment all the time because I think expanding my comment and blogging it as my own (instead of somewhere else) is more satisfying. I will take a break and maybe write some more later today.

29 Nov. UPDATE: I am still not feeling too well, I do not know what the matter is. Sorry all; browse the archives if you wish.

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