Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Pelosi and the 'dirty word'

I am starting to feel a bit more optimistic about House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi's vision for the Democratic Party. Especially her "100-hour plan" calling for ethics rules (and lobbying restrictions), 9/11 Commission Report implementation (which the US government is still getting failing grades from), an easier way for people to pay for college (i.e. insurance changes for students and educational initiatives), the passing of stem cell legislation, and more positive and progressive goals.

I do not know much about Pelosi, except that she has been called a "liberal" — which many seem to think is a dirty word. Message to those who believe that "liberal" is a dirty word: look it up in the dictionary! Ignorant closed-mindedness is not being a good conservative; it is being ignorant and closed-minded. Next, they will be saying that the dictionary is 'liberal'...

I am not saying that all who oppose Pelosi are stupid. If you can back up your arguments, and can use facts (in their factual form, of course), than even if you are a 'conservative', you are not the kinds of people I am talking about. Also keep in mind many of these ideologies are from the slightly-demented American political terms (different from political ideologies on the world scale, such as political alliances and more defined terms of what is left and what is right and what is centre), so American liberalism is "liberal", American Conservatism (including Neoconservatives and the religious/Christian right) are "conservatives".

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Anonymous said...

Nancy is definitly a MILF, Although a baby killing one

clearthought said...

Since you hold such harsh, and frankly irrational, views I would think you would [have the guts to] sign your comment. No matter, you have nothing to back you up on any of your opinions — which you are still entitled to. However, I do not think Pelosi has ever killed a baby, wanted to kill a baby, or tried to kill a baby. I assume you are talking about abortion, which is not the killing of babies but the killing of potential babies. If the religious right (et al) would inculue condoms in their sex education teachings and stop pushing abstinence on everyone, there would be much less of a need for abortions!