Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Counting down to US elections: 0 days (update 9)

As of now, the Republicans are ahead total around 10 in the Senate, around 30 in the House.

Virginia race for Senator between Webb (D) and incumbent Allen (R) is neck-and-neck.

Senate race in Florida won by incumbent Sen. Nelson (D)

Massachusetts won by incumbent US Sen. Kennedy — duh!

Missouri Senate race also too close to call between challenger McCaskill (D) and incumbent Sen. Talent (R)

Analysis coming soon. At approx. 10:30 PM EST (GMT -5) I will be posting some more original content. For election coverage, please see the news sources listed below (for best coverage, open them all in tabs in your Firefox or Oprah or Safari browser.

Real Clear Politics, Drudge, Yahoo, and Kos election coverage.
Individual stories from a variety of sources on a variety of topics at Google News. If you have other sites to recommend, comment on this post.

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