Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Blogger v. me, CNN v. AP, Allen v. Webb

I have not been able to post because of Blogger client problems (status codes 1-500-3 and 1-500-4).

I printed out many, many good articles to read on paper since my eyes are starting to go nuts from looking at my computer screen all day yesterday and today.

Virginia still has not been called by CNN, but it has by AP. (CNN does not call races this close unless one party makes the concession). There is a 7,300 vote lead Webb (D) has over incumbent Allen (R) and all Allen has to do is concede defeat — which may happen any minute. If he does not Virginia law requires that before a recount, canvassing of polling places (et al) must take place. That would begin to happen on next Monday.

Please, Sen. Allen, I am begging you... concede to Sen.-elect Webb so I will have my closure! I cannot wait until Monday and beyond!

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