Monday, 6 November 2006

Comparing jury dury to voting...

The American political scene is not pretty, nor are the voter turnout rates.

If you are in the US, over 18, and have photo identification, it is my belief that you should have registered to vote. It takes a small amount of time, especially considering the average American spends four hours and 39 minutes watching television on every day. If jury duty is mandatory, than why shouldn't the equally civil important duty of voting be the same? Even in Iraq there were twice the percentage of voters to voting population than will probably be true this election in the US. (Voting numbers and links coming soon.) My point is, if one is basically required for jury duty, then there should be a programme to drive the vote for elections too. I am not saying the US should be like Thailand hand have mandatory voting, but there should be some kind of system that will get people out to the polls — I am sure all those political analysts can do better than me at coming up with a solution to the voter turnout conundrum. I do know , however, that part of the problem is pop culture (the bad pop culture) and its increasing roll in American society. This pop culture invasion is also true — to an extent — in Britain, according to a new study that says British teens are the worst in Western Europe... I knew that the US and UK should not have been/be so close!

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