Sunday, 12 November 2006

Questions about the news and headlines overshadowed by US midterms

Questions I have thought up about reoccurring, prevalent things in the news:
* Whatever happened to that record hurricane season that was supposed to wreak more havoc on the United States coast than the 2005 season (think hurricane Katrina)? I have not much at all about hurricanes since mid/early summer. I remember everyone forecasting doomsday scenarios for the US Gulf Coast just earlier this year... then nothing — no talk or anything.
* If many of those in the middle and upper class "baby boomer" (born c.1945-1955) generation were so rebellious and dropped out of college, etc. (e.g. 1968 rebellions), than why did so many in that generation end up getting jobs that college degrees are generally required for? Wasn't there some education gap? If they went back to college, than doesn't that mean that the US should have a much higher higher-degree requiring jobs than it currently has? With all the talk about baby boomers, that question came to mind.

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The forgotten
As I had confessed in an earlier post, much news was overlooked because of the massive attention given to the US midterm elections. Foreign Policy magazine's Passport blog made a list of some of the headlines that many of us news junkies missed or — in my case — did not follow up on.

And finally...
Since I am now using Firefox as my default browser (I still use Safari from time to time, they both offer stability in different areas but Firefox has more functionality), I have decided to use Google Reader as my RSS reader. THe thing I like about it is the ability to tag (which I don't have time for) and star (which I do) feeds and stories.

Song stuck in my head right now: The Who's "Baba O'riley" (aka "Teenage Wasteland") and Coldplay's "Politik" — both melodies switching on and off, sometimes playing concurrently sometimes at different times, in my mind.

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