Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Democratic sweep? (update 2)

Apparantly 99.84 percent of precincts are now counted in Virginia's race between Allen (R) and Webb(D). Webb seems to be ahead by 7,000-8,000 votes (7,046 according tot eh afore-linked source). Also, Kos dug up some statements by the Democrats in both the Montana and Virginia races saying they don't believe in recounts of ballots.

Both Allen and Burns will have the right to call for a recount, it seems. Yet given their prior public comments on recounts, we should expect them to pass.

Well, unluckily for Allen (R-VA) and Burns (R-MT), they are both behind their Democrat rivals by only thousands of votes.
I'm sure these former Senators will stand by their words, and not develop a double standard now. Right?

Kos of Daily Kos has done a great job at covering these elections, The Huffington Post has been like a dumbed-down (slow and skimpy) version of the Drudge Report.

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