Saturday, 18 November 2006

Trivial Persuit, college kids stats, and online university lectures (etc.)

Whew! I just played a three-hour-some game of Trivial Pursuit (Vol. 6). The most interesting fact I learned: How many, out of 10, first year US college students describe themselves as "liberal" or "far-left" in 2001? Three. I guess the stereotype doesn't fit. I did a search (as of about January 2001, about 27 percent describe them selves as above), and found this article with even more statistical goodies about college kids.Speaking of left-right ideology in the United States, check out this interesting blog post about the 'center' and what a 'leftist' argument is.

Have a yearning for learning? Check out all these university lectures, symposiums, round tables, audio/video courses, etc. The one with the widest variety of university sources, as well as having the largest amount of content, is Princeton's University Channel, which also has an audio and video podcast. There are also full audio cources offered as podcasts from Berkley.

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Anonymous said...

This is also a great site for public lectures from academics, authors, politicians, etc.

clearthought said...

Thanks! I will probably do a follow-up to this post sometime, and will list more lecture sites (including the one you provided).