Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Open thread & current blogging ideas

Intelligent conversation is welcome.

Talk about anything (just no spam!) by commenting on this post.

Questions or comments about topics or things in the news, feedback for me, general conversation, ideas and opinions... whatever is appropriate.

Just some of the topics I am looking at right now:
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (elections)
  • Iraq (war in; US roll in, Iraq Study Group; insurgency and gov't)
  • Borat (movie)
  • Bush administration
  • Terrorism (MI5 report of)
  • Middle East (Israel-Palestine/Arab conflict; Iran; Iraq)
  • US national politics (Congress; 2006 elections, 2008 elections; Dems and GOP)
  • Darfur, Sudan (crisis in)
  • Microsoft (Zune music player; Vista OS)
  • Global warming/climate change (politics of; science of; in general)
  • Afghanistan (Taliban resurgence; NATO in)

    Here is a more full list:
    Blogging Ideas (as of mid-Nov 2006)
    • 2008 US elections
      • Wrap-up of 2006 elections
      • Players in, factors of
      • Predictions and my views
    • Iraq
      • Iraq Study Group and US policy
      • Insurgency and occupation
      • Humanitarian and govt.
    • Afghanistan
      • Humanitarian and govt.
      • External/internal factors in strife
      • Ignoring of problem
        • Expecially in US and US media
    • US foreign policy
      • Iraq
        • Relating to Iraq in general
      • Iran
      • N. Korea
      • Rest of Middle East
      • Etc.
    • Democratic Party's road map for US; future of US politics
        • Dems and GOP; ideological and otherwise climate
    • Fire paradox applied to terrorism
        • Especially in Mid East and terrorism, occupation
    • Climate change/global warming
      • Small environmental problems (historical) compared to larger scale of climate change (modern)
      • Politics of

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