Monday, 6 November 2006

Who has the best election news site?

And the honour for best overall US election special report goes to...
As US midterm election day nears, there seems to be one website with arguable the best features and coverage, and it is not American. Yes, the BBC has gotten my vote for the best US election coverage and analysis. Anyone voting (or anyone who cares about current events or American government) should check out their BBC News in-depth report on the elections with a decent blog, a presentation of the issues, outcome predictions, and more great stuff for news and political junkies and voters alike.

David Corn wonders — if sarcastically (which is understandable) — whether Bush and Chaney actually want the GOP to loose, considering all the decisions they are making (e.g. holding on to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) that could easily negatively distort the Republican image in the potential voter's eye (like that was not already achieved).

See this post for my views on voting.

I hope to be blogging during the day tomorrow with tidbits of poll numbers, news wrap-ups, and commentary.

On a totally different matter, the song currently stuck in my head is The Killers' "Sam's Town", from their latest album of the same name. Maybe I will critique it... soon ;) I also want to see "Borat".

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