Friday, 17 November 2006

Thoughts on homosexuality, part 2

See part 1 too.

There is hard evidence (from studies other than the linked one too) that homosexuality is biological. It is something, like being black (for example), that one cannot essentially control. You are born with it. As I said before, you cannot really tell from how someone looks whether they are gay or not; that does not keep people from scorning gays. It is quite easy to compare the current atmosphere of contempt for gays to Nazi propaganda attacking those of the Jewish faith, see here. Everything from control and wealth to abnormality to un-Biblical/un-Christian arguments were plastered by the Nazis to Jews and my the religious right to homosexuals.

Like in the civil rights era, many sensible Americans are having trouble connecting to how someone can be different from them, and can still receive the same rights. Those who were brought up with contempt for those different feel this way especially so. The truth is, there have been many historical figures that were most likely gay (Leonardo da Vinci, possibly Abraham Lincoln, et al). There is nothing new with being gay, there is nothing wrong with it, homosexuality is not only isolated to the human species, and, while being gay can hinder procreation, maybe that's just how nature intended it. As humans, there are many things we cannot grasp — period. How someone can be gay is not one of them, but why nature created that wired homosexuality in their genes is a conundrum — like multiple dimensions and the finer points of relativity and metaphysical existence — that we can't understand. It will take time for moderate Americans to accept homosexuality, but hopefully the government can give them a push in the right direction, like the (at the time) liberal US Supreme Court did for African Americans in the 1960-70s.

Here and here are two of many Amnesty International reports on human rights abuses to homosexuals. Sadly, it is not hard to find more.

  • Most of the above can apply to bisexuals too.
  • Just as a clarifier, I am not homosexual myself, but do know some who are. I was raised to neither like nor hate homosexuals.
  • "Thoughts on homosexuality, part 3" will most likely be about the politics of homosexuality, in the United States and elsewhere.

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    Seb said...

    my mom believes that sometimes you can tell if someones gay by their physical appearance. she sees them as having softer skin, but it could be moisturizer, lol.
    the only thing i dont like, is that gays somehow feel that they have to act and talk like EVERY OTHER GAY ON EARTH. nothing against how they were born, but how some homosexuals choose to act. im just against anything unnecessary that stunts individuality.

    clearthought said...

    Most gays do not talk in the stereotypical high-pitched accent. Plus, many are perfectly blended into society. Some choose to be different because of how society is against them, some just blend in.